• Introduction.

The Office of Public Relations was established in 2001, which was intended to foster the relationship between our university and the mass media. We also hope to have a good communication and interaction with parents, students, mass media and communities so that people can have a better understanding of Tunghai University.

Our Missions:

  •  To build a positive image of Tunghai University
  •  To improve the quality and the values of Tunghai University.
  •  To uphold the brand equity of Tunghai University.
Address : No.1727, Sec. 4, Taiwan Boulevard, Xitun Dist., Taichung, Taiwan 40704 
Location : 1st floor of Administration Building
Tel : (04)2359-0432
Fax : (04)2350-7803
The Office of Public Relations is located at the right hand site of Administration Building.